The first 50

  1. Carve your initials into the bark of a tree.
  2. Organise an egg-and-spoon race.
  3. Organise a fête.
  4. Fly a kite.
  5. Launch a hot-air balloon.
  6. Organise a winter fête.
  7. Ice skate on the ponds.
  8. Bathe in the ponds.
  9. Sneak in after dark.
  10. Do pagan stuff.
  11. Listen to the traffic.
  12. Take your baby for a walk.
  13. Fight a duel.
  14. Chase a squirrel.
  15. Catch butterflies in a net.
  16. Walk through the butterfly house.
  17. Have sex on the grass.
  18. Have a picnic.
  19. Pray.
  20. Write at a table in the café.
  21. Use the toilets.
  22. Pick up a stranger.
  23. Land a UFO.
  24. Count the stars.
  25. Take pictures of people kissing.
  26. Take pictures of trees.
  27. Zoom in on a blade of grass.
  28. Break up with someone.
  29. Herd the deer.
  30. Ride a horse across the lawns.
  31. Get drunk at a music festival.
  32. Invite a troupe of acrobats.
  33. Visit the circus.
  34. Dig a hole and lie in it.
  35. Sleep.
  36. Measure the running path.
  37. Tie ribbons to the fences.
  38. Launch fireworks.
  39. Join hands around the perimeter.
  40. Scream.
  41. Crisscross the park.
  42. Crisscross the park, naked.
  43. Read a book.
  44. Read the papers.
  45. Paint, sketch, draw.
  46. Compose a soundscape.
  47. Write a ballad.
  48. Find the middle of the park.
  49. Stand in the middle of the park.
  50. Radiate outwards.

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