1. Sit on a bench.
  2. Play tennis.
  3. Ride your bike.
  4. Sunbathe on the grass.
  5. Run and jog.
  6. Drink coffee, tea, a soft drink.
  7. Have some cake with that.
  8. Watch the birds.
  9. Feed the birds.
  10. Sit on a bench (again).
  11. Walk on the grass.
  12. Observe the animals
  13. And feed them.
  14. Pick a flower.
  15. Lean against a tree.
  16. Hug a tree.
  17. Pee behind a tree.
  18. Swing on a branch.
  19. Climb the tree.
  20. Collect conkers.
  21. Play conkers.
  22. Play hide ‘n’ seek.
  23. Play cricket.
  24. Play frisbee.
  25. Play football.
  26. Watch people play football, cricket, etc.
  27. Daydream.
  28. Sit on a bench (and write in your notebook).
  29. Watch the ducks land on the water.
  30. Skim stones across the water.
  31. Look for the terrapins.
  32. Speak to a stranger.
  33. Speak to the squirrels.
  34. Pitch a tent.
  35. Have a nap.
  36. Chase a friend.
  37. Make out.
  38. Meditate.
  39. Gaze at the stars.
  40. Carve a walking stick.
  41. Paddle in the paddling pool.
  42. Swing on a swing.
  43. Slide on the slide.
  44. Take shelter under a tree.
  45. Go tobogganing.
  46. Take off your shoes.
  47. Hide.
  48. Plant a tree.
  49. Log the changing of the seasons.
  50. Name all the trees.

The next 50

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